aranya, The Queen Anne

Luxury Cruise Ship, Cunard • Launching Mid 2024

Designed to delight and surprise, Aranya (meaning forest or wilderness in Sanskrit) will take you on a sensory tour of the Indian subcontinent with playful interpretations of classic Indian cuisine.

Where you choose to take your taste buds to is up to you, be it the sprawling bazaars of Delhi, the lush green pastures of Kerala, or perhaps the golden sands of Goa. At Aranya, every evening is a new adventure and you’re at the helm.



The word ”Rivaaj ” personifies positive attributes and exemplifies rich ”customs and traditions”.

At Rivaaj we proudly offer rich Indian heritage cuisine which has influences from varied cultures and traditions from centuries, beautifully interwoven to what it prides in having become today, a jewel of global celebration!

Savor with us the decadent heritage cuisine of India at RIVAAJ, St Regis, West Bay, the finest address in Doha.



A spot to slip away into blissful moments with friends and loved ones

Translated to mean ‘conversations’, GupShup was inspired by Indian countryside women who would come together in the evenings to catch up with one another and roll bread for their family dinner. The vibrant and blissful atmosphere is reflected in the beautifully designed interior that sees comfortable velvet banquet seats and wallpaper featuring scenes from colonial India. On the menu, find hearty street fare from various Indian regions, including Delhi, Bombay, Punjab and central India.



Nostalgic Indian Dishes & Global Techniques

Shikar is inspired by the grand old feasts of Indian Royals where members of high society socialised, ate and drank. The menu at Shikar explores progressive ideas in Indian cuisine while maintaining traditional integrity. Chef Jolly reinterprets nostalgic Indian dishes with an openness towards global techniques and influences.



Winner: Best Restaurant in Qatar – Indian Category
FACT Dining Awards Doha 2021 & 2022

Riyasat celebrates Indian fine dining cuisine with a contemporary flair, allowing guests to experience culinary traditions practiced by royal Indian families. Located in the opulent St.Regis Doha, the menu has been specially curated by Chef Jolly. Discover a joyful celebration of reinventing ancient traditions into a global, youthful and edgy setting.


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Chourangi is named after a historic crossroad in the heart of Kolkata, India. A celebration of the authentic & unexplored flavours of over 300 years of Old Calcutta.



Winner: Best Indian Restaurant – Premium Category
Times Food and Nightlife Awards 2021

Satiate all your delicious cravings at the Grand and royalty-inspired modern Indian concept space.

Visit: Riyasat on Facebook

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