Recipe / Desi Thursdays

Wild Berry Phirni


• 100 gms rice flour
• 2 lt. milk
• 50 gms pure ghee
• 150 gms crystallized sugar
300 gms black berries, stewed


A chilled rice and berry pudding.
Serves: 12-15

Roast the rice flour on medium heat in a thick-base pan or handi with ghee.
Stir continually till it emits flavours of cooked flour. Cool.
Boil the milk and cook till it starts to reduce.
In the handi in which the milk is boiling add the cooled, roasted rice flour and stir continuously without forming any lumps.
Once it starts to thicken and is of consistency between pouring and falling, add sugar and blend well.
Remove from the flame.
When the temperature falls to close to 35°C or room temp, add the stewed berries without the liquor. Blend well. Pour into required service dish or glasses.
Chill in a refrigerator.
Keep few berries to garnish, serve chilled.

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