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Tsaman Ta Kut


• 1 kg soft paneer (chenna)
• 2 lt. tomato puree
• 50 ml sesame oil/vegetable oil
5 gms mustard seed
2 gms fenugreek seeds
3 gms fennel seeds
• 2 sprigs curry leaf
50 ml tamarind pulp
• 10 gms red chilli paste
2 gms turmeric powder
5 gms garlic paste
3 gms ginger paste
4-5 green chillies, slit
• 50 ml coconut milk
• Salt, to taste
• 10 gms refined flour


'Chenne', young cottage cheese pebbles braised in a tangy tamarind and tomato curry, tempered with mustard, fenugreek and curry leaf.
Serves: 10-12

Prepare a paste of ginger and garlic. Make smooth balls of soft fresh paneer, and boil in water with little flour (make a smooth solution of flour along with little water). When it starts to float to the top, remove. It generally takes 3 minutes. (While it boils, the water would be foamy; it helps the paneer to get even heat and moisture from all sides, which is actually required.)
In a saucepan heat oil on a moderately high flame. Add mustard seeds, once it stops crackling add fennel, then add fenugreek, curry leaf and green chilli, followed by ginger and garlic paste.
Lightly stir-fry to golden.
Add red chilli paste, turmeric and lightly stir-fry. Then add tomato puree and cook till it leaves oil.
Add salt and tamarind pulp and further cook for 10 minutes till the tamarind also cooks fully. Check for the seasoning. Put in it the poached cottage dumplings. Remove from the flame.
Blend in coconut cream to attain a smooth texture.
(A low calorie and healthy cottage cheese preparation, best with steamed rice.)

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