Recipe / Desi Thursdays

Tarkari Biryani


• (For the Rice)
• 500 gm Basmati Rice
4 cloves
6 green cardamoms
1 inch stick cinnamon
• 50 ml milk
• 10 ml desi ghee
1/2 gm saffron
• 2 drops rose essence
• 3 gm salt
• (For the Vegetable Yakhni)
50 gm onions, fried brown
• 250 gm yoghurt
15 gm garlic
10 gm ginger
5 green chillies, slit
• 10 ml desi ghee
4 green cardamom green
2, 1 inch sticks cinnamon
2 cloves
• 3 gm rose petals
• 1 gm caraway seeds
1 gm mace
1/4 bunch mint leaf
1/4 bunch coriander leaf
• 250 ml vegetable stock
5 gm red chilli paste
150 gm carrots, cut into diamonds
• 150 gm French bean, stringed
• 150 gm bottle gourd
• 150 gm potatoes
2 gm turmeric powder


Soak rice for about 30 minutes in running tap water the starch washes away.

In the meanwhile, in a lagan or a pan with a thick base and an open mouth, prepare the vegetable yakhni.
Temper the spices in ghee and then add garlic and ginger to it, followed by the other ingredients except carrot, bean, bottle gourd and potatoes.
Once the stock begins to boil, lower to a simmer and allow to cook for an hour.
Strain the liquid, boil the vegetables in it.
In another handi bring 3 ltrs water to a boil. Add the spices, ghee and milk, and after 15 minutes add drained soaked rice.
Gently stir it periodically.
Strain the rice once three-fourth cooked and place it in a handi. Pour some saffron water and rose essence. Cover and cook till just done.
Line a lagan with vegetables at the base. Top with yakhi. Top with blanched rice and finally put it on dum on a medium hot tawa for approximately 25 minutes. Leave it covered even after   removing it from the flame for 15 minutes.
Best served with dahi ki chutney, or garlic flavoured yoghurt.
Garnish the biryani with fried brown onion, mint leaves and coriander and can add a dash of lemon juice for taste.

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