Recipe / Desi Thursdays

Nalli Ka Khaasa Saalan


• 1 kg lamb shanks, 90-100 gms each
• 4 litres lamb stock, strained
• 250 gms yoghurt, beaten
100 gms caramelised onion
50 gms coriander herb root
50 gms mint
25 gms green chillies
25 gms garlic paste
20 gms ginger paste
5 gms turmeric powder
• 15 gms red chilli paste
2 gms saffron
• 1 tbsp cream
• 15 gms whole spices
• 1 tbsp vegetable ghee
• Salt, to taste
Lemon juice, to taste


Heat vegetable ghee in a heavy bottomed saucepan and saute whole spices, ginger, garlic and lamb shanks. Add caramelised onion, coriander, mint, red chilli paste, turmeric and green chilli.

Add yoghurt and keep stirring gently till reduced. Pour lamb stock, and cook till lamb shanks are tender. Add salt to taste. Remove the lamb shanks, reserving the flavoured stock. Bathe the lamb shanks with saffron and cream.
Strain the flavored stock and put saffron cream-bathed lamb shanks into it. Let the shanks braise in it till fully done.
Add lemon juice according to desired tanginess. Serve garnished with fried onions, mint sprig and saffron cream. Serve with soft kulcha or steamed rice.

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