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Jheenga Balai Ka


• 12 prawns/ scampi (10-12 in a kg)
50 gms garlic, peeled and finely chopped
20 ml lime juice
• 10 gms Kashmiri chilli paste
• 50 gms processed cheese
• 50 ml clarified butter
• 50 gms home-made butter (malai)
• Salt 2-3 gms or to taste


Plump prawns in a marinade of roasted garlic cloves, smoked chillies and home cream, grilled on charcoal.
Serves: 3-4

De-vein and clean the prawns or the scampi on shell with or without the head. Let drip dry.
Chop the gralic fine and lightly roast or saute. Cool and keep aside.
Cream the cheese and home-made butter together.
Lightly roast the chillies, soak in warm water for an hour and grind to a fine paste.
Extract the juice of lime.
Marinate the prawns or scampi first with lime juice, salt and garlic for about 30 minutes.
Next rub the chilli paste and creamed cheese mixture evenly over the prawns. Add 30 ml clarified butter to keep it moist. Let it sit in marinade for about 1 hour, before skewering it to roast in a tandoor.
Check for the seasoning, and roast in a pre-heated tandoor, charcoal griller or an oven on medium to high heat for about 5-8 minutes or till it cooks to your liking.
Baste with clarified butter if required.

-The shell helps to keep the prawn or scampi moist and enhances natural flavour.
-Best with garlic bread, naan or just as it is with your favourite dip.

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