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Biryani Khaibari


• 1 kg lean mutton from saddle and leg cut into pasandas
• 25 gm salt
25 gm ginger, scraped and ground
120 gm onions, ground
25 gms coriander seeds, powdered
2 black cardamoms, powdered
40 pepper corns, powdered
3 gm black cumin seeds, powdered
2, 2 inch cinnamon sticks, powdered
A good pinch of saffron diluted in warm water
• 1 kg curd, fresh and thick
• 120 ml (4 oz) water
• 120 gm ghee for baghar
20 cloves whole
• 1 kg basmati rice
• 12 gm salt for rice
• 1/2 kg curd fresh and thick for rice
• 120 gm ghee for rice


This biryani belongs to the Pathans and has found its way to us through the Khyber Pass.
Serves 8-10

Prepare meat pasandas (thick picatas of meat). Cut the pasandas into 2" x 2" size pieces. Add salt, ginger and onions to the meat.
Mix well and marinade for two hours. Mix thoroughly coriander seeds, black cardamoms, pepper corns, curd and water, and add to the meat.
Put the meat into a heavy-bottomed pan, spreading evenly. In a separate pan heat the ghee for baghar and add cloves. When they turn dark brown, pour the ghee, with cloves on to the meat. Do not stir.
Dilute salt in one cup of water and add tot he rice. Rub the rice with hands thoroughly. Wash twice in fresh water and drain. Add curd to the rice and mix well. Spread the rice over the meat evenly.
Cover the pan and put on medium fire to form steam. As soon as steam rises put on dum till the curd dries up completely. Add ghee to the rice and keep on dum for another 15 minutes.

NOTE: The rice is cooked in curd, no water is added.

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