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Aam Aur Til Ke Meethe Pakore


2 pcs ripe, but firm mangoes
25 gm white and black sesame seeds
• 200 gm refined wheat flour
• 50 gm corn flour
• 25 gm rice flour
• 250 ml milk
A pinch of cinnamon powder
A sprig of fresh mint chopped
A pinch of powdered ginger
• 5 gm candied orange peel
• 3-4 gm baking powder
• 35 gm icing sugar
• 500 ml vegetable oil to fry the mangoes into fingers.


(Sweet, ripe mango fritters with sesame seeds)
Serves: 2 portions

Sift the flour, corn flour, rice flour, 25 gms of icing sugar and baking powder together into a bowl. Slowly add the milk and mix well to a lump free batter. Blend in the dry spices and chopped mint. Dip the mango fingers in the batter and deep-fry them in hot oil to a golden brown. Drain well on kitchen paper, sprinkle with the remaining 10 gms of icing sugar and serve hot with mango or vanilla ice cream. The fritters are best served immediately as they get soggy on cooling.

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