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Wet And Wild

The chefs in the kitchen have been working long and tedious and I thought we must celebrate the efforts; we planned a party in a resort called “Rendezvous” close by our hotel in Goa. This place had a cool pool and I could imagine the party vibes before it could happen. As usual we left for the party after closing the shift as the guests left, it was about 0045hrs. Went home for a quick shower to get fresh for the party, it wasn’t really required as I realized later. As I approached the venue I could hear the beats and the vibes in the air from about 200mts distant. It was all happening.
I walked in and was welcomed with a big roar, hugs and hand shakes as it was the wild party night and every body was in their best spirits, water had been splashed everywhere as the party was around the pool, snacks were being passed around and drinks were being poured & splashed straight from the bottle to any where the sight could get, wet and wild was the theme. An associate came up to me and asked if he could use my mobile to call up the hotel and I gave it to him, second guy asked me for the change and I had to take out my wallet to check if I had any, not realizing it was all planned, my wallet was snatched by a fellow associate and in seconds I was scooped of my feet and in an eye wink was a big splash and I found myself in the middle of the pool all soaking wet and wild, there was no return to land as it was water polo and all the games you could think of.
Have you ever tried to swim in you best suit or your favorite jeans or skirt? It was all happening, no dress code pool party. IT WAS FUN.
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